4 Ways To Prevent Shoulder Pain For Maximum Baseball Performance

As a parent of a future baseball star, you want nothing more than for your young athlete to run the bases and make outstanding plays with minimal effort.

But when shoulder pain gets in the way, it can be heartbreaking for them to miss out on practice and games because their shoulder is in pain and they’re experiencing limited movement.

Shoulder problems are common in young baseball players and can be caused by overuse or poor form.

However, we have put together 4 ways to prevent shoulder pain so your athlete can stay on the field and maximize their performance.

1. Incorporate Shoulder Stretches Into Your Warm-Up Routine

Regular shoulder stretches are an essential part of every baseball player’s warm-up routine.

Maintaining shoulder flexibility is key for increased range of motion in a hitter’s swing, accuracy in a pitcher’s throw, and reducing shoulder tightness that leads to shoulder pain.

Working shoulder stretches into your routine will not only optimize your performance but also protect you from potential shoulder injuries down the line.

The most effective shoulder stretches to incorporate are shoulder rotations, arm circles, hugs, rear delt stretch, chest stretch, and wall angels. Ensure you aim for 30 seconds on each side to reap the full benefits.

Done properly, these exercises can effectively reduce shoulder pain and improve performance on the field.


2. Strengthen The Muscles Surrounding Your Shoulder Joint

Strengthening the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint can be vital for baseball players to ultimately help prevent shoulder pain and improve their performance on the pitch.
When shoulder muscles are strong, they provide extra stability and support around the shoulder joint – something that is indispensable in a sport like baseball where throwing dynamic overhead motions is a key part of playing.

When you regularly work on your shoulder muscle strength, you should cover a range of exercises that target different muscle groups, including the dorsal shoulder muscles, rotator cuffs and lateral shoulder muscles.

By undertaking these specific shoulder exercises aimed at improving strength, mobility, and flexibility around the shoulder joint, baseball players like your child will greatly reduce their risk of shoulder injury while at the same time building strength that will serve to boost their overall baseball performance.

3. Avoid Excessive Overhead Arm Movements

If your young athlete is a pitcher, we know it can be hard to follow this technique as your pitching arm will be used overhead at most practice sessions.

However, it’s still important that you don’t damage this arm from an overuse injury and suffer from shoulder pain that takes them off the field as a result.

At practice, your child should be coached on how to perform basic throwing techniques with as little shoulder effort as possible by teaching a stable shoulder position and proper shoulder sequence during the throwing motion.

Using the proper techniques will reduce shoulder strain and make pitching at any level much safer while preventing shoulder injuries from occurring in the first place.

4. Use A Foam Roller

Foam rolling shoulder muscles can be a great tool for baseball athletes looking to stay ahead of shoulder pain.

By using the roller to massage, athletes are improving blood circulation around the shoulder and the surrounding muscle groups.

This increased blood flow helps flush away toxins built up through fatigue, reducing shoulder pain and promoting healthier shoulder muscle tissue.

While foam rolling does not replace visiting a physical therapist for any shoulder injury, practicing self-massage regularly with a foam roller will help keep shoulder muscles limber and reduce pain in the long run.


Physical Therapy For Preventing Shoulder Pain And Maximizing Baseball Performance

If your baseball athlete has been experiencing annoying shoulder pain and is worried that it’s getting worse and they’re going to miss out on valuable practice and important games, the time to act is now.

Physical therapy can limit the severity of shoulder pain, and help you recover from injuries so much faster. It can also keep you on top of your game so you keep progressing and performing to the best you can be.

Right now we offer a limited number of free shoulder pain taster sessions where you can speak to one of our expert physical therapists, ask them any questions you have, and discover the best treatment options for you.

To arrange your free shoulder pain taster session fill in our simple form or call us on (609) 933-9922 if you would prefer to speak to a member of the team on the telephone.


Right Now We Also Have…

If you feel as though you’re ready to prevent shoulder pain and maximize your baseball performance with physical therapy, we are currently offering shoulder pain assessments where we can work with you to get to the root cause of your shoulder pain and create a personalized treatment plan to ensure you recover as quickly as possible and keep shoulder pain away.

To arrange your shoulder pain assessment, fill in our simple form or call us on (609) 933-9922 if you would prefer to speak to a member of the team on the telephone.


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If you’re not sure you’re ready to come and see us in the clinic yet, that’s okay! Here are some more free resources to help you and your child prevent shoulder pain at home.

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