About Us

Team Rehabletics: Redefining Athletic Potential

At Rehabletics, we blend passion with expertise to redefine physical therapy and athletic training. Born from a vision to offer the kind of support every athlete deserves, our journey began with a simple idea: elite-level care should be accessible to all.

Our founder, Dr. Jaime Mor, an athlete who faced career-altering injuries, witnessed firsthand the gaps in traditional physical therapy. This experience ignited a mission to ensure no one else endured the same. Today, Rehabletics stands as a testament to this mission, offering specialized services in injury prevention, post-operative rehabilitation, and athletic development.

Our Mission: Pain Is Temporary

At Rehabletics, we don’t just treat athletes; we forge champions. From youth athletes to active adults, our clients receive 1:1 attention, comprehensive evaluations, and personalized success plans. Our sports science lab, equipped with advanced analytics, ensures objective measures guide every decision.

Collaboration is key. We work closely with local professional teams, college athletes, and high schools, crafting season-specific strategies and recovery programs. Our approach is direct, honest, and always in the best interest of our clients.

We’re not just about recovery; we’re about empowerment, education, and reaching new heights. Whether it’s returning a Division 1 baseball pitcher to the mound post-injury or helping active adults achieve their fitness goals, our success stories are as diverse as our clientele.

Champions of Recovery and Performance

Our team, comprised of experts who’ve worked in professional sports, holds doctorates in physical therapy and are board-certified sports specialists. We bring a unique blend of experience and ongoing learning to our practice, constantly evolving with cutting-edge treatments and techniques.

Meet The Staff

Founded by Dr. Jaime Mor, PT, DPT, ATC

Industry leader in sports physical therapy, and international physical therapy educator.

Dr. Jaime is a movement expert and a licensed Performance Physical Therapist/Certified Athletic Trainer in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. He specializes in athletic pain, injury prevention, orthopedic/musculoskeletal injuries, as well as sports performance integration and return to sport. Since 2013 he has worked in across the lifespan in clinical orthopedics, sports performance, and on the sidelines treating a wide range of athletes. Human performance and movement optimization is the goal with every human he works with, ensuring they establish an adequate functional strength baseline as well as foundational movement patterns.

In addition to being a treating physical therapist, he is an international educator; finding great passion in being able to educate and help others. His promise is always to present an honest lens to which you can view both pain and movement. His views often vary from “the traditional” way of thinking and treating; still with the same positive results and outcomes!