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Recovery Therapy

In addition to expert physical therapy, Rehabletics offers specialized exercise recovery services to fast-track healing from the rigors of intense training. We employ advanced tools such as Recovery Boots, Cold therapy compression, Massage guns, PowerDot Muscle Stimulation, RockBlade soft tissue instruments, Rock-tape, ARPNEURO wave, dry needling, red light therapy, and shockwave therapy. We utilize these to minimize your downtime and enhance future performance. These are the very methods and technologies used by professional athletes globally to ensure rapid recovery and maintain their elite performance levels.

Techniques Used:

  • Recovery Boots
  • Cold therapy compression
  • Massage guns
  • PowerDot Muscle Stimulation
  • RockBlade soft tissue instruments
  • liRock-tape
  • ARPNEURO wave
  • Dry needling
  • Red light therapy
  • Shockwave therapy